Our School

We are located in N.E. Portland in the old Hollywood Library building, an airy, open space with lots of natural light. We are divided into two mixed-age classrooms, the Starling Room and the Swift Room, with three teachers and approximately twenty three-, four-, and five-year-olds in each classroom. Our teachers believe that one of their most important roles is as co-creators of a constantly evolving environment meant to stimulate and inspire the children. We keep in mind that children need harmony and magic in their lives as they create, play, and explore. Our space is arranged to give children freedom with the materials and invitations we set out for them. We provide plenty of room to create art and give the option to build in a group or in solitude. There are many opportunities for children to use their bodies to take risks and to express their strength and joy, or to share a quiet book with a friend. We make sure to provide natural materials in all parts of the classroom to help develop a stronger connection to the natural world. We also have a courtyard where children can climb, run, dig, and help us to grow and taste fragrant herbs and beans. Above all, we want our space to be open-ended and beautiful, a space reflective of our community of children, families, and teachers.

Wee Works Preschool * 3918 N.E. Hancock St. * Portland, OR 97212 * (503) 335-8319