Our Philosophy

Children learn through experience and by actively working with a variety of materials. For this reason we believe children should be exposed to many different learning experiences and be encouraged to explore those topics and skills in which they are most interested. The adult's role in this process is as a catalyst and facilitator. Therefore, our curriculum is used to complement the natural curiosity and interest of each child.

Each child's growth and development are unique. We take into account stages of child development as well as the natural variations in the rates that children move through these stages. We also treat cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development as interdependent and equally important.

To achieve this, we create an environment where each child feels comfortable, loved, and safe, and so develops positive feelings of self worth. Over time children become more independent and learn to have consideration for others and an appreciation for the world around them.

All of this is not possible without the most valuable resource of all: parents. As a parent, you can help to assist us in getting to know your child and becoming better able to help him or her. Please feel comfortable to offer input, ask questions, and participate in our program to the extent that you desire.

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