What about academics?

Every parent wants to know that their child will be ready to succeed in kindergarten when the time comes. We see the three- four- or five year-olds as complete in themselves, and want to provide these preschool aged children with open ended and material rich environments where they can explore, question, and play. Within these environments children will have many opportunities with small and large group experiences, to participate in routines of the day, and to work on problem solving and self help skills. These experiences will create a strong base for children as they enter kindergarten. We also want children to develop a love and appreciation for reading, writing, and story telling, and have many varied experiences with literacy that will carry on into later years. Current research supports our philosophies that children at this age learn from play, and that it is through play that children develop the necessary skills for success in school. We want our alumni to have confidence in their own abilities, to be creative, to be risk-takers, to have social ability and compassion; these qualities are precisely the ones that will prepare them for the learning that is to come. Our graduates are very successful in elementary school and have the self-confidence and flexibility that truly makes them kindergarten-ready.

How old does my child have to be before she can start at Wee Works?

Children may begin attending Wee Works when they are 2.5 years.

Does my child have to be potty-trained?

Yes. We are a preschool program, and so we are not licensed to change diapers. Children must wear underwear and be able to keep them dry. We understand that children have occasional accidents, and give children bathroom reminders.

How far in advance should I tour your school?

Now! We often have a fairly long wait list, so we encourage you to come in as soon as you begin thinking about a preschool program. A year before you expect to need care is a good rule of thumb. That said, we occasionally have openings mid-year when a family moves or experiences changes in their scheduling needs, so if you need care immediately, don't be discouraged from calling!

How do I set up a tour?

Just call our Executive Director, Pat, or our Director, Katie, at (503) 335-8319.

What should I expect at the tour?

We encourage you to bring your child along so that you can see how he or she interacts with our environment. We will show you around our school and our teachers will chat with you about how our philosophy comes alive in the classroom. Plan on staying around half an hour to observe and learn about our school.

How do I get on the wait list?

First come in for a tour. While you are here, we will provide you with the paperwork you need to begin the process.

Do you provide part-time care?

Yes. We have spots for children on three-day, four-day, or five-day schedules. We have limited spots for children needing half-day care.

Can you work with our scheduling needs?

We try to be as flexible as possible with part-time families and will create a schedule with you based on your needs and our availability. Preference is given to families looking for full-day care.

How do we transition into the program?

We suggest that you visit with your child a few times before his or her first day. We will schedule these visits with you for the week or so before his or her start date. On your first transitional visit, we suggest that you and your child spend about an hour with us, exploring our space, meeting our animals, getting to know teachers and children, and starting to develop a sense of familiarity. On your second visit, we recommend that you settle your child in to an activity, and when you sense that he or she feels safe and engaged, you may want to leave for half an hour or so, perhaps to get a cup of coffee next door. A third visit can take place over lunch time, so that your child starts to feel the rhythm of our day. We know transitions are difficult. We are here to support your family during this time; we are happy to discuss the specifics of transitioning with you!

What are your hours?

We are open from 7:00 to 5:30. Children who are enrolled for full days may be here anytime between 7:00-5:30. Half day children are welcome to come between 7:00-12:45.

What are your tuition rates?

Full days/monthly (7am-5:30pm)

3 days/week: $845

4 days/week: $950

5 days/week: $1100

Half days/monthly (7am-12:45pm)

3 mornings/week: $575

4 mornings/week: $665

5 mornings/week: $730

Where are you located?

Our school is located in the heart of the Hollywood neighborhood. We share the old Hollywood Library building with Fleur de Lis Bakery. Our address is 3918 N.E. Hancock St.

Wee Works Preschool * 3918 N.E. Hancock St. * Portland, OR 97212 * (503) 335-8319