Winter Holidays

Post date: Dec 21, 2012 6:43:51 PM

We are loving our winter traditions book. Thanks to families who have

participated so far. Our classroom conversations about the holidays,

about family structure, about tradition, and about difference have been

enriched through our book. And even more importantly, the children

glow when they get to share something that is special to their

family and their own experience.

Mmm! Gingerbread! We made cookies, got to smell them baking

but made sure we didn't open the oven door. None of the gingerbread

people escaped, but we listened to our song and pretended to be escaping

gingerbread people ourselves all afternoon!

Jingle bells and magnets were a huge hit in a sensory tub.

And one last reminder that your child's art makes great gifts!

Use large paintings for gift wrap, cut up smaller ones to make

cards, bookmarks, or notebooks. Grandparents are suckers

for this kind of thing.

Happy Holidays to everyone! We'll miss you, but we'll look

forward to a whole new year. See you January 2nd!