Welcoming Iris

Post date: Mar 26, 2012 11:57:09 PM

Iris Nason has recently joined us as a movement teacher. Her class is called “Stretch, Dance, Play! Growing Arts Creative Movement.” She uses song, dance, yoga, sign language, story, and imaginative movement to create very engaging experiences for the children. She has extensive experience teaching and a Master’s Degree in Education specializing in Creative Arts in Learning. We are absolutely loving the time we spend with Iris!

  • “I like her pretty smile and her sparkly eyes. I like everything about her.” –Bailey
  • “I like to gallop with Iris!”--Vivian
  • “I like the gemstones when she puts them on our foreheads and we rest.” --Kyli
  • “Her name is Iris and that is the color part of your eyes. And a kind of flower. And her daughter is named Zinnia which is also a kind of flower.” --Maia
  • “I like jumping up and down and dancing and the scarves.” --Maura
  • “I like stretching.”--Lillian

We’ve all enjoyed Iris’s presence in the classroom, her beautiful voice, and her calm and dynamic presence. She has brought us new stretches, new ways to use our bodies with music, new sensations of color and touch with her silks and stones… and we are very happy to welcome her into our community. Thank you, Iris, for joining us at Wee Works!

You can learn more about Iris at www.GrowingArtsCenter.com.