We Heart Hearts! (And our families, and ponies, and cookies, and... taxidermy!)

Post date: Feb 14, 2014 7:50:12 PM

"My heart is a shark that is brave and strong." --Sam

"My heart is a snugly baby owl." --Aviva

"My heart is the abominable snowman that I left in the car." --Alexa

"My heart is a mermaid!" --Eileen

Inspired by "My Heart is a Lion," we made animals from heart shapes and talked about the animal attributes we feel at different times.

We used several photographic collections of found hearts to inspire our Valentine artwork.

We printed with doilies on paper and then on fabric flags!

Created a Love Tree with lists of things we love.

(Yes, taxidermy did make an appearance on a list for the very first time this year!)

And we had a wonderful Valentine's Day with cookies and a special session with Johnny and Jason! We are full of love at this school.