Forts and Picnics

Post date: May 10, 2013 5:18:09 PM

We have been busy building a variety of forts over the past couple of weeks. Children use blocks, large pieces of fabric, cardboard tubes, and many other materials to construct the perfect fort. These magical hiding places have popped up all over our classroom!

We have been enjoying the warm weather with neighborhood hikes and lots of water play in our courtyard! this week we had a picnic lunch in the courtyard too...

Children worked very hard all week on Mother's Day projects, painting cards, caring for their nasturtium plants, and writing notes to their mamas. When asked about their moms, they all had very sweet outpourings of love. Here are a few quotes that are worth sharing:

"She's not really good at pancakes, but she tries."

"She smells fresh."

"She loves to play with me."

"She looks like daddy."

"I'm never going to hate her."

"I love her 60 miles all of the way past space and 50 more times!"

Happy Mother's Day!