The Starlings Build Fairy Houses

Post date: Feb 22, 2012 9:48:31 PM

We've been reading Tracy Kane's books about building fairy houses, and over the weekend Sylvie and Taya took a trip to the forest near their house to gather some natural materials to build with. We all studied the photographs of fairy houses we saw in the books and thought about the two rules of the woods: 1. Don't disturb anything living, plants or animals, and 2. Don't use anything synthetic for fairies. Fairies, above all, care about taking care of nature in all its forms. This project deeply absorbed the children this morning. Several of them spent well over an hour working on their fairy houses. When we returned from the gym, they were all certain that the fairies had visited; they could perceive tiny differences in the amount of water in the pools they had constructed and were sure the fairies had stopped for a drink.

We'd love to invite you to collect more natural materials with your child to contribute to our Wee Works fairy houses. Leaves, moss, stones, shells, sticks... anything you can think of! But also, fairy houses are best built outdoors. We invite you to build a fairy house with your child somewhere outdoors and bring us a photo.

This project helps the children develop reverence for the natural world, and compassion for dissimilar beings. Ask what the fairies might need or want at this rainy time of year to get their imaginations stirring. And of course, the project brings a little magic and beauty into all our lives!