The Kissing Hand

Post date: Aug 17, 2012 9:22:04 PM

August is a time of big transition around here. Our five year olds are headed off into the world, and we are welcoming new three and four year olds into our community. It is exciting and scary for all of us!

The Kissing Hand is a book that is important to us at this time of year; it’s about a young raccoon who is worried about leaving his family to go to school. His mother shares a family “secret” with him: she kisses his palm and folds his fingers around it. Anytime he needs to feel her love, he can simply press his hand to his cheek and her kiss rushes straight to his heart. We read this book to the children and draw hearts on their hands to remind them of the nearness of their families’ love.

Ritual is deeply nourishing for young children. It provides the security and the magic that is so important for little ones embarking on adventures of their own. We suggest that you read this book to your children and create your own loving tradition to help with their transitions. This one works well for a visual reminder of love and safety. But use a sharpie so the heart won’t wash away!

Other great goodbye rituals include reading a short book before you leave, saying the same goodbye rhyme each day, having your child push you out the door, blowing a specific number of kisses through the window, pressing your palms together through the glass, or making silly faces at each other. As your child grows older, these rituals will evolve and may become more subtle, but they will always be an important moment of connection before separation.

Teachers are always available to help with goodbyes, so let us know how we can support your family as your little ones become independent and learn to carry your love with them through their days.