Post date: Jan 18, 2013 5:44:59 PM

A Snow Poem

by the children of the Starling Room

January 2013

Snowflakes taste like cherries, lollipops, bugs,

sweets, turkey, chocolate, berries, and nothing.

They smell like raspberries, cherries, mint, nothing,

strawberry, lollipops, and freezing nothing.

They sound like nothing, like “blooun, blooun, blooun,”

like a kitten, and like a finger on your lips.

They feel like nothing, like “pitter-patter pitter-patter,”

singing very softly, like nothing, like icicles,

like nothing, like icicles, like nothing.

They look white, green, purple, brown,

white, purplish-pink, like nothing.

I love snow and I ate snow.

I love snow.

I love snow and I had a bite of it.

I love snow.

Fluffety fluffety floo floo floo.