Post date: Feb 28, 2012 10:39:36 PM

While the Swifts were playing in the courtyard sand and mud recently, teachers recorded these stories and ideas...

Once there was a mud monster. He loved to eat mud. but one day, when he looked in his mud bowl, there was no mud. He went to the store and bought some mud. then he lived happily ever after and had all of the mud he wanted. -Katie

Once there were mud animals. they liked mud so much they even made a mud pile. Mud pile! Mud pile! -Isabella

Mud Bengal tigers! Yucky mucky baby ducky! -Erin

Mud goes: "Why-boom!" -Madeline

Mud goes: "Splatter splash!" -Lucy R.

The water sounds like: "Squeak squeak squeak!" -Olivia

They're so dirty I wish we had a bathtub at school. -Joel

When children are playing and stimulated by materials, in this case mud, ideas are flowing and stories are found! Children love to have their stories recorded and it gives them a chance for reflection on their ideas and sends a clear message that their ideas are valuable and should be heard by others.