Fairies, Cheetahs, and Tornadoes

Post date: Mar 6, 2014 10:35:44 PM

Several of the children worked to build a bunker for fairies in case a tornado should strike on this windy day.

"Fairies are pretty fast but tornadoes are faster. They are the fastest thing."

"Cheetahs are the fastest living thing, but tornadoes are not living so..."

"Would fairies or cheetahs win a race?"


"Definitely cheetahs."

"Cheetahs are in Africa for real."

"So are fairies!"

"They will have a race in Africa."

"Are there tornadoes in Africa?"

"Well, whatever, our shelter is stronger than a tornado."

"Fairies do love gold and silver and jewels and stuff."

"And buttons."

"And cotton candy."

"Actually cotton candy is only sugar, nothing else. So my mom doesn't like it."

"She's not a fairy. Fairies love cotton candy. They love sugar."

"This is sugar. It is sand and water to stick it all together. It's mortar."