...and Starlings Too!

Post date: Oct 5, 2012 10:56:19 PM

In our classroom we began the year with some fun images of ourselves in the form of photo puppets. These inspired lots of pretend play, some social stories, and many self-portraits in various media. We also enjoyed tasting apples and writing our names to vote for our favorites. We made a very simple and healthy applesauce, a big hit with the children, and we hear that we even inspired some families to go apple picking! We've been telling a story about the stars inside of apples that captures a little bit of the magic of nature. We've begun thinking about pumpkins too, now that it's October, and we're setting up a pumpkin stand. We'd love donations of more pumpkins, squashes, corn stalks, and other bits of fall harvest. We also encourage you to bring in photographs of your own visits to pumpkin patches. We are very much enjoying exploring the new season with our new friends (and our older ones!)

Photo puppets to the rescue!

"Cleaning" the table with shaving cream.

Making applesauce.

"Lady with a dress of a million stories."